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Social Distance

It is strange that we no longer sit in crowded restaurants.

In the name of “social distancing” and “the greater good” most of us have chosen to stop meeting with our friends for lunch and dinner at local restaurants and pubs. But what no one told us was how “distance” would affect us.

The very first chapters of the Bible serve as a roadmap to human relationship. First it teaches that God is the author of life. This makes our primary relationship with God. Second, God creates us which makes our second most important relationship to ourselves. Almost immediately, God realizes that this will not be enough and instead makes us a partner. God authors community. And community is the only created thing that seems to be in response to human life.

So what do we do? We must be alone for each other and we must not be alone for each other.

The key is to remember that “socially distant” means “physically distant in social settings” not “emotionally/relationally” distant. You cannot give someone COVID through your phone or computer screen.

So pick up your phone. Call a friend. Send a text message of encouragement. Jump on a video chat your not being paid for. Support one another, because as much as we must stay apart, we can’t be alone.

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