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Celebrating Spiritual Diversity

We welcome individuals from various religious backgrounds and traditions, fostering an environment where questions are encouraged, and differing viewpoints are respected.

Free to Question

This inclusivity extends to people of all faiths, denominations, and even those who may question or have doubts about their faith. Our goal is to create a safe and nurturing space where everyone can explore their spirituality, engage in meaningful dialogue, and grow in their understanding of the divine, whatever that may mean to them.

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Notebook and Pen

The Hard Questions

Above all, our church community values intellectual curiosity and the courage to ask hard questions. We understand that faith is a journey that often requires a deeper exploration of spiritual and intellectual dimensions.


We encourage our members to engage in thoughtful discussions, challenging traditional beliefs, and seeking a more profound understanding of the historical context in which religious texts were written.


By critically examining the historical context of scripture, we not only strengthen our faith but also contribute to a more enlightened and compassionate worldview.


Our commitment to fostering an environment where intellectual rigor and spiritual growth coexist is at the core of our community's identity.

The Denomination

The Covenant Church ("ECC") is a rapidly growing multiethnic denomination and n the United States and around the world. Founded in 1885 by Swedish immigrants.

Hope Covenant Church specifically is a replant of a Historic Swedish Immigrant church in Lockport, IL which predates the Covenant Church Denomination.

We are a place to seek understanding and grow deeper. A place to cross the aisle of different beliefs, backgrounds, and points of view to come together in fellowship and community. 

A safe space where all are welcome.

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Chat with Jon 

If you'd like to talk with, or even meet with, our lead pastor; Jon,  before checking out our Sunday morning service feel free to reach out here!

Thinking about visiting? Let us know!

Thanks for letting us know!

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