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Print is Dead

News is overwhelming.

Gone are the days of newspapers and print media when you waited a week or even month for your favorite magazine and had a paper on your doorstep every morning.

During those days there was only so much news a person consumed. There was no obsession over being first, often at the expense of being fully formed and cross checked. The goal for news was excellence and inerrancy, not reach and clicks for ad revenue.

And what is lost is the societal ability for people to change their perspective based on a good journalism and, well-researched argument.

Sometimes I wonder how much our new obsession with consuming half-baked polarized propaganda has infiltrated our faith life. I have only been a pastor since the dawn of the 24hour Internet and cable news cycle so parishioners posting or sending me unscholarly YouTube videos of other lay peoples whimsical exegesis have always been part of my job. I have always had to love people who post click-bait anti-gospel to serve their worldly political master. But I often wonder what it would have been like to live in a world where experts opinions were trusted because their expertise was truly trustworthy. And then I remember one thing, the church has always had fringe conspiracy theorists and doomsday prophets. We’ve always been blamed for the worst of our number. We follow a God who was put on a cross by the unholy marriage of empire and religion through false testimony and mob approval.

This, in other words, is not new... it comes with the territory.

So let us remember a God who was disrespected by the masses, smeared by both sides of the ancient the media, inspired bipartisan hatred, and who’s life, to the ancient Romans and Religious Leaders did not matter.

Let us remember that we serve that God who yet loves us.

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