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Membership at Hope

Hope Cov. is a member led organization. Joining the church as a member essentially means  you're committing that Hope is YOUR church home and YOU will do your part to make Hope the best it can be. We believe that God has called us to make the world a better place through the power and message of Jesus. But Jesus didn't come for any one person or type of people. Jesus came for the whole world, so the more unique and diverse the people we have at the table when we make decisions, the more reflective and effective those decisions will be for the flourishing of our church and the Kingdom of God. That's why our members are our heroes! 

Requirements for Membership

Because Hope celebrates the historic theological diversity distinctive of the Covenant Church, we appreciate that not everyone will come to the same understanding of membership in our body, nor will individuals within our membership necessarily hold theologically similar perspectives on faith and life. As such there are really only four requirements for membership. ​

  • Confession that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior 

  • Baptism (infant or adult baptism are equally celebrated)

  • Completion of the Hope Membership Class (90 min)

  • Commitment that Hope Cov. is your faith home

Interested in coming along side Hope? Fill out a membership application below!

Friends and Donuts

Want to learn more about the Covenant? Watch the video below

Chat with Jon 

If you'd like to talk with, or even meet with, our lead pastor; Jon,  before checking out our Sunday morning service feel free to reach out here!

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