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Diverse Faith, Common Values

Uniting for Justice and Community - Orland Park, IL

Reading the Bible through a contextual lens...

We don't believe Church is a place where you have to check your intellect at the door.

Advocacy and Activism

We place a strong emphasis on justice, actively working towards equality for all people, particularly marginalized and oppressed groups. Addressing issues like racial injustice, economic inequality, human rights, environmental sustainability, and more.

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Welcoming to Kids

 Jesus said “let the children come to me” and we take that seriously. We have NO problem having children in the sanctuary during service. But we also totally understand if you want space to worship without your kiddos right there with you. This is why we have multiple options set up so that parents and families can decide what works best for them.

Basically our standpoint is; you do you. There is zero judgment or expectation on how you should parent on Sunday morning. Kids are not only WELCOME at Hope, they are CELEBRATED as an equals.

Reconciliation and Healing

We recognize that many people may have been hurt in the past by Christianity and the Church as a whole. And, as such, we are committed to providing a safe and supportive space for individuals to heal.


We prioritize mental health awareness and encourage open conversations about mental well-being.

We seek to be a community that challenges the status quo of typical Christian culture; going beyond warm smiles and fake niceties- a place for real questions, unpolished life, and sitting in hard places... together.


We don't believe we have all the answers, or that we have a place to judge anyone else's story. 

Daydreaming with a Book

Inclusivity of Diverse Theologies

We welcome a wide range of theological perspectives and interpretations of scripture.


We recognize that there is no single "right" way to understand the bible, spirituality, and faith.

Friends Having Coffee

Real Community

More than just small talk...

Hope is a place for more than just Sunday morning acquaintances.


Through small groups, shared vision, and an intentional culture of vulnerability we have created a space where hard conversations can be had and genuine friendships can be made (the “let’s-actually-hang out-outside-of-church” kind).


We have multiple small groups that meet once a month where our folks share life together, wrestle with tough topics, and simply fellowship with one another. 

We'd love to have you join us!

I go to Hope because it is a place for TRULY everyone.  As a minority myself and an ally for people of color and the LGBTQ+ community, I have seen so many friends at best, cast aside, or at worst, excommunicated from their church families.  No one should ever feel unworthy of God’s love. Hope’s emphasis on social justice gives me just that - hope.  Hope that one day, all people every ethnic background and sexual orientation will be treated equally on Earth as it is in Heaven.


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