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Local Orland Park church that prioritizes living out the call of Christianity.

Sunday Morning In-Person Service: 10:00am

(Watch the Livestream CLICK HERE)


At Hope we give our members opportunities and encouragement to put their faith into action. Loving our neighbor well is a main focus of Hope's mission.

We even host a homeless shelter in our building, and always welcome new volunteers.

By forming authentic relationships with people outside our normal bubble, we hope to deepen our understanding of what it means to be human and our connection to one another.


We strive to read scripture with a responsible, thoughtful, and historical understanding.

We don't believe that church is a place that you need to check your intellect at the door. 

By digging deeper into the cultural and contextual lens through which the bible was written, we seek to uncover the timeless, steadfast truths the text has for us today.


We seek to be a community that challenges the status quo of typical Christian culture; going beyond warm smiles and fake niceties. We are a place for real questions, unpolished life, and sitting in hard places... together.


We don't believe we have all the answers, or that we have a place to judge anyone else's story. 

We believe in love over an "in and out" group.


More than just Sunday morning small talk...

Hope is a place for more than just Sunday morning acquaintances and small talk.


Through small groups, shared vision, and an intentional culture of vulnerability we have created a space where hard conversations can be had and genuine friendships can be made (the “let’s-actually-hang out-outside-of-church” kind).


We have multiple small groups that meet once a week (usually in homes or on zoom) where our folks share life together, wrestle with tough topics, and simply fellowship with one another. 


If you’re interested in getting involved with one of these groups click here for more info.

What about my kids?

Jesus said “let the children come to me” and we take that seriously. We have NO problem having children in the sanctuary during service. But we also totally understand if you want space to worship without your kiddos right there with you. This is why we have multiple options set up so that parents and families can decide what works best for them.


1. There’s a table set up at the back of the sanctuary with toys and activities if you want to all stay in service together but give your littles the space to play and roam as they naturally would. (We promise the noise and commotion is not a distraction!) 

2. Children 0-3 are welcome in our staffed nursery with or without a parent. 

3. There is kids specific "Sunday School" programming available for those kiddos ages 4-7 with our Children's Ministry Director Rachel during the service. This is a combination of structured play, unstructured "free" play, activities and a brief lesson.

4. Kids 8-10 are welcome to grab one of our binders or fidget toys as they come in (or bring their own activity or device) We LOVE that our older grade school aged kids stay with us but we know their needs may be different.

Basically our standpoint is; you do you. There is zero judgment or expectation on how you should parent on Sunday morning. Kids are not only WELCOME at Hope, they are CELEBRATED as an equals.



Hope is different from other churches I’ve attended because for me Hope revealed that I had a lot to discover about my relationship with God.  Through interacting with my fellow members I learned that the understanding of the Holy text doesn’t end with “knowing all the answers,” but a realization that the newfound lessons & revelations are as everlasting as God’s love for us.


- Jenny

Being a Person of Color up front in a lot of Evangelical spaces I have often felt used, like people wanted my talent and skin color but not my voice and my experience. Hope is a place whereI felt seen and valued, even when the truth made people feel uncomfortable.


Hope covenant is a church that truly reaches out. A church that takes Jesus’s message of compassion, love and justice to the community around!


- Joanna

Hope is a place where the table is open to everyone. You come as you are but will not leave the same. You will be invited, challenged, stretched, and find rest all at the same time.


- Phil

I go to Hope because it is a place for TRULY everyone.  As a minority myself and an ally for people of color and the LGBTQ+ community, I have seen so many friends at best, cast aside, or at worst, excommunicated from their church families.  No one should ever feel unworthy of God’s love. Hope’s emphasis on social justice gives me just that - hope.  Hope that one day, all people every ethnic background and sexual orientation will be treated equally on Earth as it is in Heaven.


- Aubrey


What are your Covid precautions?

We strive to prioritize the care of vulnerable people over personal desire, worship preference, or aesthetics. For this reason we closed the doors to our building and suspended indoor service for over a year, longer than most other churches in the area. We felt it was our responsibility to the community to approach COVID with a mindful attitude that reflected our commitments to truth and at-risk or marginalized people. 


We also understand that social connection and community are intrinsic to our mental, emotional, and spiritual health. So, after much consideration, we have made the decision to reopen our church as of April 1st, 2021. We initially did so at a limited capacity (we have overflow rooms available when needed) and with strict mitigation protocols. Masks are no longer required but some attendees still choose to mask. In short, as CDC or IDPH guidelines change, Hope adjusts as recommended.

We will also continue our online ministry through Livestream, virtual small groups, and social media outreach. Please follow along through the platform links below!

Who we are...

The Covenant Church ("ECC") is a rapidly growing multiethnic denomination and n the United States and around the world. Founded in 1885 by Swedish immigrants, the ECC values the Bible as the word of God, the gift of spiritual life through faith in Jesus, and the importance of extending love and compassion to a hurting world. 

Hope specifically is a replant of a Historic Swedish Immigrant church in Lockport, IL which predates the Covenant Church Denomination. Hope moved to Orland Park in 2009 and merged with Fellowship Bible Church in 2019.

We are a place to ask hard questions, deconstruct, and even doubt. We are a place to seek understanding and grow deeper. We are a place to cross the aisle of different beliefs, backgrounds, and points of view to come together in fellowship and community. 

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