• Hope Guest Contributor

BEDS Plus Update

An Excerpt prepared by Hope's own Sue Buechele

BEDS Plus is currently serving about 250 of the most vulnerable people during this pandemic. They are working diligently to provide housing and resources to a record number of homeless individuals and families. When the pandemic started, they began sheltering clients at a Brookfield location and recently they opened a second location in Oak Lawn. Each shelter location is equipped to consistently house 30 clients. The shelters are limited to their current clients, but individuals in need of shelter can still reach out to BEDS Plus as they are considering clients on a case to case basis.

BEDS Plus has utilized other forms of temporary housing for many clients such as motel and apartment placements. The shelters are currently being run by BEDS Plus staff, instead of volunteers, to maintain social distancing and to prevent exposure to COVID-19. To date none of the clients or shelter staff have contracted the virus!

“How can I help?” As you can imagine, the pandemic has put a great strain on the resources BEDS Plus typically relies upon. If you would like to make a donation you can CLICK HERE, Call 708-354-0858 or email info@beds-plus.org:

As Beds-Plus moves clients into apartments they are also in need of furniture and household items. Typically, they use Goodwill and second hand stores to purchase these items. Unfortunately, these types of stores are closed. If you are getting rid of furniture or household items that are still in good shape, you can contact BEDS Plus to see if they are in need of these items at this time.