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COVID Policies and Protocols

Hope has voted to open our building with extensive COVID-19 mitigation protocols. Our decision wad made theologically and practically with input from medical and public health experts. Our final conclusion was that God is BOTH a God who lays down God's privilege for the good of neighbor and to protect the vulnerable and a God who is indivisibly relational. As such, we must consider people as full persons created in the image of God (a community); which includes their physical, mental, relational, and emotional health.

Service will, therefore, look different. Below is a brief summery of how some of these protocols will affect those who chose to attend. The full policy and protocol document, created in association with experts and approved by the Hope Leadership Team, can be found HERE. It also bears mentioning that our online content, for those who cannot or do not wish to attend, will continue to expand without interruption in perpetuity. 

  • All persons will need to register and consent to Hope's COVID Behavioral Covenant for all in person events including Sunday Service. The Behavioral Covenant and registration can be found HERE.

  • Face masks are required, at all times, for all persons over 4 years of age. No exceptions (except for the Pastor while they are speaking) will be made.

  • Social Distancing standards will be observed and the layout of the church will be adjusted to help attendees  maintain advised distancing

  • Service will not include congregational singing; however, there are exciting new elements including contemplative prayer practices and music.

  • Reduced capacity will be observed in voluntary compliance with the State of Illinois' recommendation for Zone 10.

  • Hope Leadership reserves the right to suspend services at any time.

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